Coppull Neighbourhood Plan

A survey will be available shortly for you to air your views and aspirations for the formulation of the Coppull Neighbourhood Plan.

Newsletter August 2021

Embarking on the NP Journey 2021

By the People and for the People

Interested in having your say regarding Coppull and it’s future?

Interested in helping to develop a realistic plan that will incorporate aspects that concern the people of Coppull by personal consultation through surveys and social media, by the people of Coppull and for the people of Coppull?

Then you will be interested in the proposal to create a Neighbourhood plan for Coppull.

The plan will be able to influence decisions made by Chorley Borough Council that concern Coppull residents. The Plan will not prevent planning applications as progress is inevitable but, it can influence where and what may be built and ensure we keep our precious green spaces and ensure our infrastructure is not overwhelmed!! Far better that in Coppull it will be in the plan and you will have contributed to it!

For more information please contact:

Coppull Parish Council Website on

Coppull Parish Council Email:

Coppull Parish Council Phone:  01257 470120 

Facebook page:- Coppull Neighbourhood Plan

This Neighbourhood Plan cannot proceed without the people of Coppull, your input is crucial. Please take time to fill in and return any questionnaires or surveys etc as requested. Please share and follow our facebook group “Coppull Neighbourhood Plan” to receive updates on the progression of the plan.